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“Little Red Riding Hood” Paper Dolls

FREE printable paper dolls, Little Red Riding Hood Set. Perfect for fairytale or folktale study, homeschool study, printable play.

Enjoy many hours of creative, wholesome play. Have fun coloring your own characters, or print the fully colored versions. Paper dolls are easily re-printed, or stored in an envelope!

The download includes: Color paper dolls, outline paper dolls (color your own), and includes paper stands so your paper dolls can stand up! You can print as many copies as you like! (These are for your personal use, not re-sale, but feel free to share pictures or video with friends!)

Scroll down to see all the different versions! (Each version will print on seven pages). I recommend using a thicker paper such as this card stock for more sturdy dolls, but you can use whatever you have to get started!

Recommended for Printing:

Your Order will download immediately after purchase.

Cost: $7

If you enjoy your dolls, will you take a moment to share this page? Thank you for helping me share something lovely with the world!


  • Reanna Caouette

    Hello I am looking to download the black and wwhite set of the robin hood paper dolls.
    but the download is only 5 pages (not 7 as suggested) and the last 2 pages I assume have the black and white versions!

    • Jane

      Hi Reanna,
      I’m sorry about that error, I reloaded it and know you should be able to see both the color and line drawing in one download (If you already downloaded you may need to do again with the error corrected.) Thanks for letting me know and I hope you enjoy coloring them!

  • Julé

    Hi there,
    I’ve miss placed the down load of this purchase some where… not sure where it went. Can you send it again or help me find it! I’m so low tech that I’ve probably put it somewhere and can not remember! Thanks, julé

    Receipt for order 0079232155

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