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    Cheese Poppers Bread Bites – Mama & Me Baking Series

    Cheese Poppers Stuffed Bread Bites. Perfect for snacks, finger foods, or appetizers. These easy bread recipe is from my mama and me baking series, and includes a video tutorial! Perfect for baking or cooking with kids.

    These cheese poppers are totally addictive. Ya can’t eat just one, so I suggest you not even try and just call these lunch! My Country Buttermilk Bread is the base for these babies, and they are stuffed with cheddar and scallions. But you can make them with any fillings you like. Pizza poppers? How about green olive and cream cheese for Mama? Let’s get creative and let’s get baking!

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    Classic Pound Cake – Mama & Me Baking Series

    Classic Pound Cake Recipe, perfect for baking with kids. This cake is just right for breakfast, brunch or teatime! Its also an Easter Baking Classic. Super easy, no fail recipe!

    Pound cake is one of the easiest baked goods to make, and it’s a classic for a reason! It’s simplicity is what makes it so appealing. It’s the perfect base for piling fresh berries on top of, or just right with a cuppa tea on a cold afternoon. Get your aprons on, because this incredibly simple pound cake recipe will likely become a staple in your kitchen, as it is in mine. Let’s bake!

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    Blueberry Butter Rolls with Einkorn Flour

    Easy recipe for delicious, buttery sweet blueberry rolls with a cream cheese filling. Make with delicious Einkorn flour!

    Buttery, rich, creamy, and loaded with sweet berries. Aw, you guys are gonna love this delightful Einkorn breakfast. It’s not overly sweet, but filled with flavor and the old-fashioned taste and texture of lovely Einkorn flour. Perfect for dipping in tea or coffee, ’cause you know I’m a dipper. Let’s do this!