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Laura Ingalls Pioneer Family Paper Dolls Collection

Enjoy many hours of creative, wholesome play. Have fun coloring your own characters, or print the fully colored versions. Paper dolls are easily re-printed, or stored in an envelope!

The download includes: Color paper dolls, outline paper dolls (color your own). You can print as many copies as you like! These are for your personal use, not re-sale. The “EXAMPLE” watermark is removed on the purchased download.

Scroll down to see the different versions! I recommend using a thicker paper such as this card stock for more sturdy dolls, but you can use whatever you have to get started! Laminating sheets are also helpful for making dolls more durable!

Your Order will download immediately after purchase.

Cost: $7

Note: The background prairie can be taped end-to-end together to make a large scene. These dolls can also be cut out without the stands, they make wonderful puppets when taped on a pencil or stick. Ok, go play!

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  • Erin Orians

    Hi! I’m having a hard time figuring out how to download the paper dolls. I did receive your email. These look so cute!

    • Jane

      Hi Erin, if you click on the blue button in your email, they will automatically download. Check your download folder on your computer or phone!

      Edit: my bad, it’s a dark red button! ~Jane

      • Debi

        I can’t see the “blue button” either. Everything says to email you for the patterns. The email is an introduction and then links to the blog. No download button in the link! They look amazing and we can’t wait to print them!

        • Jane

          Debi, it may have automatically downloaded to your download folder? This is what it does on my Mac but different for other computers.

          • Jessica

            Hello, those who are having trouble mine went to my promotions section on my gmail. Possibly also check junk mail? I am printing them and putting them in my girls Easter baskets! Thanks!

  • Nedra Colby

    Please send copy .. granddaughter loves this family.., my son has read the entire collection of the books to her five times!!! And have visited the house in Missouri… send to:………………………….thanks… kind sweet lady!

    • Jane

      Hi Nedra, I removed your home address from the comment, it was posted on public setting so everyone was seeing it. These dolls are for home printing, unfortunately I don’t mail paper copies.

  • Anne

    I loved the Little House series and read it every summer as part of my library reading club. These would have been a wonderful addition. Now, where did I put those books?

  • Esther Ingalls Smith

    Thank you for the fun! I am always excited to see “Little House” things as Charles was my Grandfather’s Uncle, Laura and her sisters used to play together with him and his siblings.

  • Graciela

    I am having the same problem as some of the others. There is no red button to click to get the free paper dolls, only if I put my name and email address in again. Its a vicious circle, all links lead back to here to enter info again.

    • Graciela

      I found them! They were not in the inbox or spam folder, but when I made the program show “all folders” they showed up! I hope that helps someone else! Thanks!

  • Rebecca

    Hi! I just requested the pro tables. These are great. Do you have Almanzo and his team of horses? My boys would love to have them included.

    • Jane

      Hi Carrie, this set depicts the Ingalls family during the time period of the book, “Little House on the Prairie”, before Grace was born and Carrie was the baby of the family! =)

  • Connie Neumann

    Thank you for the darling paper doll patterns for the Ingalls family and their Little House on the Prairie! You’re keeping a true Little House tradition alive straight out of the books.

    • Jane

      Hi Heidi, I had to google to find out who Jonathan Garvey was, ha! These illustrations are based on the descriptions in the books, I have never watched the TV show of little house. I know many people have enjoyed them but I’m rather a purist when it comes to literature. Yes, I’m one of those “the books are better” people! Pa’s whiskers are often mentioned in the books!

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