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Dipping my toe back into the Thrifting Pool…

Ok, here I go.  After a long hiatus from thrifting, I’m dipping my toe back in to the thrift pool, and so far the water is fine! This is a pretty big deal for me.  Many of you know my story, how several years ago I filled my house and life and mind to the brim, all…

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Roasted beet salad with a delicious maple balsamic reduction glaze. Summer salad recipe.

Roasted Beet Salad with Balsamic Maple Glaze

Beets! I feel like the majority people are pretty “meh” about beets. Do you think it’s true that people grow beets in gardens because they are so very easy to grow? They fill up the beds with pretty greens in just a couple of weeks, but not many people really have many options for cooking…

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Super easy and versatile recipe for a balsamic reduction glaze, sweetened with a maple syrup! This fantastic recipe is great for chicken, pork, or any meat, and can easily be made ahead and kept for salads, pastas, burgers, or literally anything from the grill! This is the REAL secret sauce. Printable Recipe.

Balsamic and Maple Glaze (Reduction)

Friends, THIS is the secret sauce you have been waiting for. It’s bright and zippy, but also rich and complex. It tastes fancy, but also rustic. How does it do that? Magic? (Printable Recipe at the bottom.) This sauce couldn’t be easier! Just two ingredients, then a gentle simmer until it has reduced by about…

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Delightful rich yet zest breakfast morning buns, with a quick and easy croissant dough. Printable Recipe!

Orange and Nutmeg Morning Buns

This is the way to start your day. These buns are so buttery and rich, and are made with a croissant dough. A but of orange zest and nutmeg give them a warm, spicy zip! (Printable Recipe at the bottom.) A quicker croissant dough Croissant dough, when made the traditional way, is wonderful but take…

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Why every homestead should include some friendly goats!

The Goodness of Goats

When we first moved out of the city and into our tiny cabin in country in the fall of 2013, one of the first things I wanted to do was get milk goats!  Well, we ended up getting the chickens first (chickens are the gateway animal to all manner of homestead creatures, don’t ya know!)…

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Simple Almond Croissants

I love croissants. No matter when they are eaten, they feel like a special treat. But “real” croissant recipes can take up to three days to complete! Yikes! (Printable recipe at the bottom.) Now, I do love doing things the traditional way sometimes, but also sometimes I need a croissant much sooner. Like in two…

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Ways I'm working on showing my kids just how much I love them.

I love them and I don’t care who knows it!

A mother’s love is a powerful thing, but it’s not always something that is easy to communicate clearly. Oh but I want my children to know! To know how deeply and completely loved they are by their flawed and sinful and human mother. I want them to know that it’s no mistake that we got…

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