Artisan Seed No Knead Bread

You will be delighted how easy to it is to create this impressive Artisan Bread! And the great news is, you can use any seed combination that you like! This recipe has poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. A perfect medley of flavors and textures! Watch the video below to…

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Herb and Cheddar Bread Wreath

This festive bread is light, pillowy-soft, and full of rich cheesy layers. Fresh or dried herbs give a wonderful, savory depth of flavor to this homemade bread. This easy bread recipe is perfect for holiday baking, or any time of year! Plus, it’s pretty as all get out! Ready to do this? (more…)

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Apple Spice Muffins

These muffins are a rich, buttery delight! With the optional addition of browned butter and a demerara sugar sprinkled top, there’s really no one who could be disappointed with these muffins. They are suitable as a breakfast or brunch item, but good enough to be a cupcake to! (more…)

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Our Minimalist Toy Collection

Having minimal toys is a huge blessing to our family. Not only do we live in a tidy space and spend much less time cleaning, but we have way more time and mental space for all the worthwhile pursuits of life (like cooking and homeschooling and homesteading and blogging…just a few of my hobbies!) (more…)

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Classic Plum Pie

What could be more Cottage Cozy than a plum pie? We have a lovely, ancient plum grove just east of the Cottage, and not only is is a wonderful place to play, this year we had a bumper crop of Italian Prune Plums! (more…)

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Easy Lard Pie Crust

Real food cooking is back, and whole, natural fats are a big part of it! Fortunately, the art of cooking and baking with lard have been kept alive by us old-school homestead cooks, and lard pie crust is one of my absolute favorite things! (more…)

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Portobello Baked Eggs

Alright, I know how fancy-shmancy these look, but trust me, they are so simple to make! Anything made with whole portobello mushrooms is automatically so rustically elegant, and I can’t think of anything I rather put in a mushroom than a gooey egg and cheese. Um, yum! The hardest part of this process is removing…

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Homesteading with Littles

One of my favorite things about homesteading life is doing the farm work with my kids.  Yep, it takes longer and it’s more a hassle than a help some times, but honestly I don’t mind.  I love seeing my kids take part in the farm work and I’m so grateful that they get to claim…

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My thoughts on screen time.

Sigh.  Yes, I start this post with a sigh because I know it’s a controversial topic and there is always the possibility that my words will make another mother feel that she has failed in some way.  I know that because I have felt it myself, and the choices I’ve made about screen time for…

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Simple Almond Croissants

I love croissants. No matter when they are eaten, they feel like a special treat. But “real” croissant recipes can take up to three days to complete! Yikes! (Printable recipe at the bottom.) Now, I do love doing things the traditional way sometimes, but also sometimes I need a croissant much sooner. Like in two…

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