• Roasted beet salad with a delicious maple balsamic reduction glaze. Summer salad recipe.
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    Roasted Beet Salad with Balsamic Maple Glaze

    Beets! I feel like the majority people are pretty “meh” about beets. Do you think it’s true that people grow beets in gardens because they are so very easy to grow? They fill up the beds with pretty greens in just a couple of weeks, but not many people really have many options for cooking them. What a shame! Beets, plain and earthy though they be, can really be a hearty, grounding culinary experience! (Printable Recipe at the bottom)

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    Salsa Verde

    Ah, the wonderful taste of summer, fresh salsa! I’ll admit that having spent several years of my life in Yakima, WA, where the authentic Mexican food is top notch, I’ve done lots of buying and eating wonderful salsa, and only recently started making my own. Now, I’m pretty much hooked!