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    Portobello Baked Eggs

    Super easy recipe for this delicious and elegant baked egg. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or any meal. Easy recipe and picture tutorial. Printable Recipe.

    Alright, I know how fancy-shmancy these look, but trust me, they are so simple to make! Anything made with whole portobello mushrooms is automatically so rustically elegant, and I can’t think of anything I rather put in a mushroom than a gooey egg and cheese. Um, yum! The hardest part of this process is removing the mushroom gills. I use a little jam spoon to carefully scrape them out. They come out very easily but be so careful not to break the edge of the mushroom “bowl”. Each mush room gets a very generous brushing of olive oil. The flesh of the mushroom is like a sponge and will soak…