• Recipe and tutorial for fluffy, light, richly flavored buns, perfect for burgers, pulled pork, or anything! (Printable Recipe)

    Buttermilk Burger Buns

    Let me just say one thing about these buns: THEY ARE WORTH THE WORK! And it’s not even that much work, because the dough comes together quickly and before you know it you’ll be biting into those pillowy soft buns!

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    Simple Almond Croissants

    I love croissants. No matter when they are eaten, they feel like a special treat. But “real” croissant recipes can take up to three days to complete! Yikes! (Printable recipe at the bottom.) Now, I do love doing things the traditional way sometimes, but also sometimes I need a croissant much sooner. Like in two hours. For breakfast. I served these on a Sunday, before church, baby! Relate Post: Orange and Nutmeg Morning Buns with Croissant Dough Three days is to long to wait! As you may know, the delightful texture of the croissant comes from the very thin layers of cold butter between the very thing layers of dough.…