If health and budget are your top reasons for cooking from scratch, you're missing out. There a better reason to make our own food, and it may surprise you.

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A big family in a little cottage in the country…

I’m Jane, the mama, wife, homesteader, gardener, and foodie here at Cottage Chronicles. In 2013, our family moved to the country in search of a simpler lifestyle. Six years later, I’m still finding beauty in the everyday small things that all add up to a lovely life. Join me and let’s keep growing, together!

Food & Recipes

First things first, what’s on the menu? Pursuing good food is the center of our activities on the homestead. Weather we’re growing, harvesting, storing, cooking or eating, the delights of the table are never far from thought. Eating well doesn’t have to be fussy or complicated. We eat whole and hearty here at the Cottage, and it’s my pleasure to share my simple, rustic cookery with you. All my recipes are free, so join in the joy and cook along with me!

On the blog

Garden & Homestead, Motherhood & Homeschool, Simple Living, Food & Flowers. You’ll find plenty of good reading and inspiration on the blog. Raising five children in a little house with a bustling homestead ain’t no walk in the park, but every day I’m finding new ways to slow down and soak up the moments. I’ll see you over on the blog!

Printable Resources

It’s my mission to inspire and equip you to live with more peace and purpose. My ever-growing library of resources ranges from recipes and homeschool aids, to just-for-joy printable paper dolls and stickers. It’s my honor to serve you and your family with the tools I myself use on a daily basis. Just have a look around and take what you need, friend. And enjoy!

Essential Oils Life

Natural health and wellness have taken a front row seat at the Cottage these last few years. I use essential oils daily to keep me and my family on track, and to support my personal health goals. If you’re ready to be proactive and intentional about your own health and wellness, essential oils can help! I’d love to share my story with you, and help you take action to support yourself gently and naturally.