Little Women Paper Dolls Collection

Instant Download and Print these charming paper dolls from Cottage Chronicles. Includes all four sisters with changes of clothing, as well as Marmee, Laurie and Mr. Bhaer. Printable paper dolls for digital download.

Enjoy many hours of creative, wholesome play. Have fun coloring your own characters, or print the fully colored versions. Paper dolls are easily re-printed, or stored in an envelope!

The download includes: Color paper dolls, outline paper dolls (color your own), and includes paper stands so your paper dolls can stand up! You can print as many copies as you like! These are for your personal use, not re-sale.

Scroll down to see the different versions! I recommend using a thicker paper such as this card stock for more sturdy dolls, but you can use whatever you have to get started! Laminating sheets are also helpful for making dolls more durable!

Your Order will download immediately after purchase.

Cost: $7

Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy each come with two dresses which can be taken on and off! Extra characters are Marmee, Laurie, and Mr. Bhaer.

Note: the purchased download is PDF files without the EXAMPLE watermark.

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  • Maggie Reinker

    Hi! I’d like to buy the Little Women paper dolls but it seems I can’t from this site. Are they available to purchase elsewhere? Thanks! -Maggie

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