Have you ever felt stuck in a rut when it comes to your health? 

Have you wondered why you don’t feel all that well when you’re doing things mostly the “right” way?  Have you longed to feel whole and well in your own skin, but realized that you never seem to make progress despite your efforts?

I’ve felt that.  When I’m doing all the “right things” yet my lingering struggles with pain, digestion, headaches and depression don’t reflect the how much I care about my wellness in mind and body. This is no way to live.

Or perhaps you’re in a different place. You feel fairly well now, but you wisely have a watchful eye on your future.  You know that our chemical-laden modern way of life may someday catch up with you.  You’re the kind of person that won’t wait for trouble to find you, but you’ll be proactive and stop that slow, steady drip of toxins into your home and body.

Perhaps you’ve grown restless being told to “take this” and “don’t do that” and never really seeing the promised results. You may try time and time again to make changes to improve your mood, emotional health and wellbeing, but it all seems to hard to stick to.

After years of health frustrations, round after round of doctor visits, and seemly endless reliance on synthetic meds, I was left exhausted and no better.  I was dizzy from the carousel of symptom management, and I was ready to go deep and address my issues from the ground up. 

This is when natural health found it’s way into my life, and things started to look up.

True wellness doesn’t come about just from suppressing our unpleasant symptoms on a daily basis, or from pretending that all the side effect of constant exposure to toxins will never catch up.  True health and real, lasting vitality come when our own bodies are able to heal themselves and function as they were designed to do!

This is when I found essential oils.  No, they’re not a magic pill.  Far from it!  After years of being told that another pill would solve my problems, that was the last thing I was looking for.  

You know what those lovely, sweet little bottles of potency are?  

One word: Support.

I’ll admit it, I had underestimated what a difference it would make to give my body steadfast support while it was healing itself.  It was like I had been setting out on a quest without any map or provisions. No wonder I hadn’t made it very far! But oils gave me the gentle support I needed to mend.

And as I transitioned more and more to natural living, there were my essential oils and the new world of education that came with them. They held me up and gave me the tools and the knowledge to take care of myself, my family, and my home in a way that nurtured my health rather than degraded it. 

My organs, muscles, hormones and my whole body had the support it needed to sustain me on my journey to wellness. Every day, little by little, I can tell my body “You got this, and I got you.”

The brilliant, uplifting aromas that daily waft through my home are just the beginning of what these oils can do.  I used to think they were just air freshener.  Ha!  Yes, I can laugh at myself now with an open heart, because I’m just so happy to be wrong about that.

Here’s just a few of the ways I use my oils every day…

Notes of mint and citrus diffuse in the morning, with cheerful and inspiring support for the busy mom life.  What a lovely way to set the tone for the day!

Frankincense restores vitality to my skin, and Melaleuca clears my sinuses with a burst of clarifying essence.  Ah, to feel so bright and vibrant!

Blends of ancient herbs that have been relied upon for centuries sooth my sore muscles, reduce my inflammation, and help restore my gut health.  How comforting to have these healthful options at hand.

When I have work to get done, I diffuse to a focusing, grounded blend.  When creativity calls, that whimsical floral blend is just the thing to wake up that left side of the brain.  When my chest feels heavy and uncomfortable, nothing could be better than a inhaling a special blend just for easy breathing.

A rich, spicy blend of oils with clove support our family’s immune systems in every season (But they smell like Christmas Day!). 

The cuts, scrapes, stings and rashes of childhood are nothing to fear when Mom and her oils are near.  Come here, baby, mama has just the oil for you.

I no longer dread my monthly cycle with a soothing supportive blend on hand.  (Prob TMI, but I had my very first PAIN FREE period with oils, so yeah, I’m pretty excited about that!)

A digestive blend with fennel is in my nightly cup of herbal tea, making for a comfortable tummy and smooth digestion all night long.

A lavender inspired blend with earthy notes is always by my bedside, grounding and relaxing me, and preparing my mind and body for restful sleep.

I’ve heard essential oils called the gateway to natural health, and I couldn’t agree more.  They are so effective that they truly do evoke an openness to natural living that has been long forgotten in these modern, quick-fix times.

The oils I use are incredibly pure and potent.  These are no bargain basement gamble-of-a-sale-rack oils, my friend.  They are tested with the highest standards in the world, and their power is in their purity.

So here’s the question I have for you.  What would happen if, instead of reaching for a bottle filled with toxins and synthetic compounds, your reached for a little brown bottle of pure plant power.  What if, like me, you stopped gambling with the side effects of a chemical filled life, and opted for the fragrant, effective, supportive solutions found in natures offering of herbs, roots, flowers and leaves?

If you’re tired of waiting to be well, if you have the future in mind, if you are ready to play the long game with your lifetime health, reach out to me.  I know what it feels like to take that first step toward change, and I can help you make a proactive investment in your long term well being.

Oils can support your journey to health, and I can support you as the wonderful world of essential oil living opens up to you.  I have resources and options to guide you no matter where you are today.  A beautiful kit of starter oils and oil products can open up your possibilities for wellbeing right now.

What little improvements to your home and health you would make today if you had these oils at hand?  Where could you be a year from now if you turned to essential oils to support your body, allowing it to rest, breath and heal.  An investment now in your health is really an investment in your whole life experience.  Restoration begins when you take the first step.

Don’t wait for wellness.  Don’t stay stuck.  Life is happening now, let’s make the most of it.

Where do you need support first?

Balancing mood and emotions?

Supporting restful sleep and sleep cycles?

Alleviating stress and anxiety?

Soothing aches and pains?

Rejuvenating skin and body care?

Supporting digestion and gut health?

Detoxing body care products and home goods?

Finding hormonal balance?

I would be honored to answer your questions and personally recommend a kit that will address your most immediate needs. I have helpful reference guides and resources to give you ongoing support as you use your new oils.

I’m here to be your guide as you step into the wonderful world of oils. If you’re entirely new to herbs and the power of plants…oh, what a pleasant path to wellness awaits you!

If you need help choosing your kit, please send me a personal message with the areas you would like to address and I would be happy to recommend the right oils for you specifically.