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    Homesteading with Littles

    Kids and farm chores on the homestead. Children are learning to work by watching our example, let's show them how to work well!

    One of my favorite things about homesteading life is doing the farm work with my kids.  Yep, it takes longer and it’s more a hassle than a help some times, but honestly I don’t mind.  I love seeing my kids take part in the farm work and I’m so grateful that they get to claim a share of the responsibility of this lifestyle.  They also reap the rewards right along side me. My kids often come out to help me do the daily chores, like feeding, watering and milking, collecting eggs and harvesting the garden.  It’s become such a part of our daily rhythm that it actually doesn’t even feel…

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    My thoughts on screen time.

    What's the big deal with screen time, and why are the experts usually talking about quantity, when it's quality that really matters?

    Sigh.  Yes, I start this post with a sigh because I know it’s a controversial topic and there is always the possibility that my words will make another mother feel that she has failed in some way.  I know that because I have felt it myself, and the choices I’ve made about screen time for myself and my family.