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    Why bother with handmade things (when I could just buy them for cheap?)

    The art of handmade crafted goods is surging back! Why? Sewing, knitting, painting and creating isn't faster or cheaper. Thoughts on the return of the handmade.

    Have you noticed the change?  In the last few years, more and more little handmade businesses are popping up, and thriving.  More people are taking the time and effort to learn a old-fashioned craft.  Knitting isn’t just for granny any more, it’s actually…popular!  And I have a few thoughts on why the tides are slowly turning back to slow, contemplative work of making goods by hand.  Read on!

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    No-Sew Fabric Bow Garland -Handmade Christmas Series

    Easy tutorial for No-Sew fabric bow garland. A Handmade Christmas Craft from my DIY series.

    I’m loving this understated little garland, and it couldn’t be easier to make. It’s made with only string and fabric, but it will add a whimsical charm just about anywhere. This garland is part of my Handmade Christmas series, and you’ll find lots more inspiration in my other simple DIY crafts here: Rustic Little Tree Ornament Easy Fabric Wrap Ornaments Mini Christmas Tree Mobile The Simple Star Mini Christmas Trees Pinecone Door Hanger Cinnamon Stick Christmas Cross Simple Pinecone Garland Simple Pinecone & Bow Ornaments No-Sew Fabric Bow Garland Pinecone Forest Christmas Decor Supplies you will need: String Scissors Fabric (or ribbon) Instructions: Great news, you can make your garland…