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    Why bother with handmade things (when I could just buy them for cheap?)

    The art of handmade crafted goods is surging back! Why? Sewing, knitting, painting and creating isn't faster or cheaper. Thoughts on the return of the handmade.

    Have you noticed the change?  In the last few years, more and more little handmade businesses are popping up, and thriving.  More people are taking the time and effort to learn a old-fashioned craft.  Knitting isn’t just for granny any more, it’s actually…popular!  And I have a few thoughts on why the tides are slowly turning back to slow, contemplative work of making goods by hand.  Read on!

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    A delightful printable for Spring, hand drawn by me, a free gift to say thank you for visiting my blog! Print-at-home onto a sticker sheet for cut-out stickers, or simply use as a coloring page. There are endless creative possibilities for these darling little drawings. Treat yourself to a little therapeutic painting and print onto watercolor paper, then enjoy finishing your art however you like! Both pages (color and line drawing) are included with the download. These are PDF files that will print onto regular 8.5 x 11 paper. There are two pages (color and line drawing), but you can choose to print whichever you like. I like to print…