About Me

Contact: cottagechroniclesblog@gmail.com

Delighted to make your acquaintance…

Welcome, dear!  I’m Jane, mama and wife behind the Cottage Chronicles.  My heart is at home in the country, raising my brood of five children and growing my own food.  I love sharing my little life with you, my dreams and deficiencies, the goodness and the grace it takes to get there. 

I’m a farming foodie…

You’ll find me talking about food more often than not! I grow it, I cook it, and I think about it all the time! I may indulge in an occasional ramble about the creation of a culinary masterpiece, but mostly you’ll find the simple, whole, delicious real food recipes that I make time after time. If mama is in the kitchen, you’ll probably find a bunch of children there too, peeling spuds or cracking eggs or begging for a taste of the batter. 

My heart is for homeschool…

I’m bringing up my children at home, and learning is a wonderful part of our family life. Though I’m completely sold on the endless benefits of homeschooling, I know that learning is truly a whole life journey. I love books, and the treasures they hold, but all my ideas come alive when I’m out of doors, in fresh air and sunshine. A bit of our learning is “school”, but more of it is growing in courage, in kindness, in humility, and in wonder.

Give me the simple life…

I’m learning to make my home a place of rest. Though it’s bustlingly full of children and projects and dreams and noise (lots of noise), there is no place I feel more peaceful than in my little cottage, on my little farm.  I enjoy adventures, but the greatest pleasure for me is coming home.  I’ve grown to love being a keeper of my home, the house, the garden, the land, and the people.  All of it.

God’s grace + gratitude

It’s a lovely life, but there have been plenty of ups and downs.  It seems like each year, my husband and I take a look back say to each other “Wow, that was a hard year, how did we make it through?”  But after ten years, here we are, full hands and full hearts, really truly living our Country Cottage dream.  God has faithfully blessed this family. I’m so eager to find what the years ahead may hold.  There are dreams and plans, food and farm and family.

Will you join me?

Want to see what this year and beyond holds for the me?  I sure do! Follow with me while I share my heart, my home, my family and chronicle our life in this cottage.